Best Dog Walking Parks in Forest Hill

best dog walking parks in Forest Hill

Looking for somewhere to take your dog walking in Forest Hill? We’ve compiled a list below of what we reckon are the best dog walking parks in Forest Hill.

Mahoney’s Reserve 

As one of two popular dog walking parks in Forest Hill, Mahoney’s Reserve is an extensive area for you to take your dog off-leash at Bob Saker Oval.

A completely fenced off oval that has lockable gates as well, this oval is used for football and cricket on weekends so you will need to be mindful of the time when you go.

As a general rule of thumb, especially if you are working, we’d recommend the best time to go is anywhere between 8am-9:30am on weekdays as there will be plenty of other dogs for your dog to socialise with.

Secondly, besides the oval is a grassy hill area with a number of trees for your dog to run in and out of, as well as another unfenced grassy area nearby for you to use.

If you’re worried that your dog may accidentally take off, then we’d recommend sticking with the main oval.

If your dog is getting thirsty, there’s a small tap available at the corner of the training rooms besides the oval for you to fill their drinking bowl with.

There are a number of options available to you for parking including the main car park in front of the oval as well as various nearby streets including Kira Court, Vicki Street, and Lee Ann Street.

Now, there is a nearby playground on the north side of the reserve where children typically visit, so please adhere to the various City of Whitehorse regulations relating to the off-leash dog areas.

These include:

  • Carrie a lead and poo bags
  • The dog must be in view and within 25 metres
  • You’re able to make the dog return to you on command
  • Ensuring your dog isn’t a nuisance to other park users
  • Keeping the dog under effective control

best dog walking parks in Forest Hill

Image Credit: Pupsy

Forest Hill Reserve

Another one of the best dog walking parks in Forest Hill would have to be Forest Hill Reserve. 

Located next door to Aqualink Nunawading, and not much further from Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre, Forest Hill Reserve is a lush green oval that is fully fenced off and includes some gates. 

Home to the Forest Hill Zebras Cricket and Football Clubs, there are, unfortunately, no nearby taps to use so we would recommend bringing some water with you to ensure your furry family member can stay adequately hydrated whilst they’re having the time of their lives.

Aside from the oval itself, there are a number of other areas in the reserve for your dog to stretch its legs.

To the south of the clubrooms, there is a small square of grassy area for you to use, as well as a fairly large, hilly area located on the north side of the oval.

One of the reasons why we think this is an ideal place for dog walkers in Forest Hill is the extensive areas you can use, as well as the ample car park next door at the Aqualink. 

It’s a shame that there are no taps handy nearby but we reckon it doesn’t take much to fill up a drink bottle and bring your pups drinking bowl with you.

Best Dog Walking Parks in Forest Hill

And those are the two parks we reckon to be the best dog walking parks in Forest Hill. Have you visited either of them lately with your dog? If so, we’d love to find out what you and, more importantly, your dog thinks of them.

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