Best Dog Walking Parks in Wantirna

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Are you a dog owner living in the outer eastern Melbourne suburb of Wantirna? If you are, then this blog regarding the best dog walking parks in Wantirna is for you.

Koomba Park

Located between Boronia Road and Burwood Highway, this is a fantastic place for dog walking in Melbourne.

To begin with, our recommendation is to start off at the Boronia Road end as there are ample car parks available.

The park itself is not only a part of the Dandenong Valley Parklands but the various trails through the park includes parts of the always popular Dandenong Creek Trail and the Eastlink Trail that follows along the freeway.

If you’re not sure which path to take – don’t worry! At the beginning of the trail in the northern entrance, there’s a handy information board available to you that will show you where to go.

In saying that, if you do keep heading south, you will eventually come to the path entrance to Burwood Highway which is always a good place to stop and backtrack to the car park.

However, just before that is Wantirna Reserve where there is a playground and oval ideal for your dog to run around a little more in wide-open spaces.

best dog walking parks in Wantirna

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Norton’s Park

Situated in Wantirna South, and with connected walking trails to Jells Park, Norton’s Park is a great designated dog-friendly park for a number of reasons.

First of all, and probably most important for your furry family member, there are some really fun obstacles for them to try such as ramps, jump hurdles, and a sandpit.

We reckon they’ll simply have hours of fun running around these and getting up to all sorts of mischief.

You could take it a step further and follow one of the connecting walking trails to Jells Park to extend your pups time in the outdoors, but you’ll still get what you need if you wanted to hang around Norton’s Park.

Much like Koomba Park, there is a handy car park situated off Nortons Lane which also includes a public toilet.

This also includes only one sheltered area for picnics but you can certainly fit a large group of dog walkers if you wanted to do a group walk with your friends.

Finally, there are also designated off-leash areas for you to let your pup run free but always remember to practice good dog walking etiquette and keep an eye on your dog at all times.

best dog walking parks in Wantirna

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Walker Reserve

Not far from Knox City Shopping Centre, and home to Wantirna’s local football team, Walker Reserve is yet another expansive dog walking area in Melbourne that we reckon your pooch will absolutely love.

There is a small playground and grassy area at the front of the oval but let’s be honest – your dog wants to roam free so we’d highly recommend using the oval instead.

You’re able to unleash your dog here but as always please make sure that you’re keeping a keen eye on their behaviour and what they’re up to so they don’t interfere with other dogs.

The oval is almost completely fenced off save for a few spots where the gate needs to be kept closed at all times and one or two gaps near the coaches boxes.

Finally, there is plenty of car parks available on Tyner Road or around the oval making this yet another convenient location for dog walkers in Wantirna.

best dog walking parks in Wantirna

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Best Dog Walking Parks in Wantirna

And there you have it – that’s our list of some of the best dog walking parks in Wantirna for you to choose from. If you’ve yet to try them out as yet then we highly recommend taking a drive out to them with your pooch.

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