Where to Take Your Dog Walking in Melbourne

dog walking in Melbourne

As our dog walking company is located in possibly the greatest city in the world, we like to think we know the best places to take your dog walking in Melbourne.

In fact, a lot of these places we typically take our clients dogs walking when they engage us for our dog walking services.

So check out the four places we’d recommend taking your dog walking in Melbourne.

Dog Walking in Melbourne
Image Credit: Lyka

Yarra Bend Park Walk

Conveniently located closely to the CBD, the Yarra Bend Park Walk is a popular place for people to take their dog walking in Melbourne.

And best of all it’s only about two kilometres in total along the official trail and approximately half an hour which means its an ideal walk for either before or after work.

There is a toilet block at the official car park and the Fairfield Boathouse has a cafe and toilets available.

Dogs are allowed in several areas of the park but, as usual, please keep them on a leash in specific areas. Furthermore, there are other areas where they are simply not allowed.

Darebin Parklands Loop Walk

Not far from where The Pet Nanny began in the inner city suburb of Northcote, the Darebin Parklands Loop Walk is a fantast place to take your dog walking in Melbourne.

This is an expansive reserve absolutely suited for energetic dogs who love to roam free within reason.

The Darebin Park Association and the management committee governing the reserve allow dogs to be off-lead in certain areas.

Whilst dogs have known to harm several birds in the area, these restrictions also exist to protect dogs from other harmful animals which can be found to inhabit the park.

It’s pretty simple – if you’re going to have your dog off-lead in this park then be sure to keep an eye on them at all times for their safety and the safety of others.

dog walking in Melbourne
Image Credit: Only Melbourne

Lillydale Lake Walk

Approximately 2.63kms in distance, the Lillydale Lake Walk is a great walk that is not always open but has many great facilities apart from the track itself including picnic shelters, public toilets, a playground and a BBQ area.

But that’s just for us people – lets get onto why it’s great for dogs.

There are two designated areas in the park for off-lead dog walking whilst they must be on a lead at all times in the remaining areas of the park.

It might not get much use during the week which could be an ideal time for you to take your dog walking as it can get very busy during the weekend.

Jells Park – Wheelers Hill

Yet another expansive park in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Jells Park is home to not only dog walking but runners, walkers, and more.

The official walk through the park is a relatively easy loop walk including many lakeside views, several types of birdlife, and plenty of wetlands.

For dogs, there are a number of areas where they must be on a lead; especially where the local birdlife typically inhabit the various conservation areas.

And there you have it, folks! Whilst there are plenty of other places to take your dog walking in Melbourne, we reckon the four we’ve mentioned in this blog are a good place to start. Especially if you’re a new dog owner!

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